My name is Priscilla, and I’m a bread baker

I’ve been a recovering bread baker longer than I was an in-fact bread baker. As I told a friend, in re baking bread, the only thing to be worried about is getting bit by the bug, because recovery is long, maybe endless, and fraught with recidivation.

THAT said, here’s the Missouri farmhouse sourdough I baked yesterday, in larval stage:MO farmhouse sourdough 3 November 2015 larval stage

And here’s the finished loaf:MO farmhouse sourdough 3 November 2015

Or loaves, more like—the bifurcation is the way my friend John, whose family recipe and 125-year-old-plus starter this is, was taught by his Mom. (More on John, and Missouri farmhouse sourdough, anon.) The top doesn’t often crack—sourdough Force was strong yesterday, probably due to the sort of blessedly cool, low-pressure weather system welcomed by all rising doughs.

So ya, I can quit anytime.