Pumpkins 2015—worldwithoutendamen

Cal Poly pumpkin array

Not quite finished with pumpkins, after all. On the way back from Barstow and on the way to my husband’s parents’ house for a quick visit, we stopped at the Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store at Kellogg Ranch. I’m a long-time, loyal customer of the Cal Poly ag students’ fruit and veg—they sell at the big Irvine Saturday farmers market, the only place other than the store that their produce is available to buy—but I’d never been to the on-campus store.

So yesterday was the day—an easy stop between Barstow and Brea.

Yabbit guess what the ag students were selling in profusion, lo this autumn-specific time of year? That’s right. So you know I did what I had to do.

Cal Poly white pumpkinsCal Poly green stripey pumpkins.

We also visited the school’s Innovation Brew Works and bought a growler of the student-made Belgian style ale from the extensive list for our own beerist college student at home. It was very “Nozin’ Aroun’”: Beer BY young adults FOR young adults. I also signed him up for the brewery’s loyalty program, hope he doesn’t mind.