Streuth’s in the Salt

After reading yet another treatise on kosher salt for cooking, I feel compelled to speak. Often, I don’t even have to read something for this to happen. Salt, however, is my favorite seasoning.

First: All politics is local, and all salt is sea salt. Even the mined stuff, quietly waiting in pink slabs for people to make lamps out of it, has oceanic origins. So it’s not a question of sea vs. not-sea. That said: People. Just use Giusto’s fine sea salt, evaporated just for you from the San Francisco Bay. SO much better than any of the self-styled so-called soi disant kosher salts it’s not even funny. Pure, light, finger-crushable, dissolves in a flash. Even salt-shaker-able for table use. Also: cheap and accessible, in the Mother’s Market bulk section. I keep Maldon on hand for finishing certain things, and clammy large-gauge for braised meat, and the odd grain of black lava salt, but quotidian three-finger pinches are Giusto’s. Sure, this is easy for me, a person who may or may not have a 50-pound bag of it in her barn at this very moment, to say… but also, 8,000% streuth. Make this simple change and your cooking will reap heretofore unimagined benefits, I swear.

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