Veg Out

As I continue cooking into the void, I’ve found both existential fear and renewed inspiration. So not too too different from my daily state prepandemia. But a world of mass illness has an affect. One thing I can tell you for free: I sure have a lot more food on hand than usual. More proteins, more backup pantry items.

My fruit and veg habits remain the same. In a pattern joyfully repeated over decades, after a farm stand or farmers market run, my fridge is utterly and completely stuffed, its contents organically attritting until time for a restock. In Today’s World, I don’t hesitate buying a fresh bunch of parsley because the one I have at home, that I so carefully rinsed, dried, and stored, is only half gone and the remainder certainly still perfectly OK. I treat myself to a new $1 bunch, and send the older straight to hell, or heaven, depending on one’s conception of compost.

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